needle and thread

I'm talking about needlepoint and cross stitch.  Saying those words can make people think many different things: country, preppy, old lady, church fair santas, and so many more. I sure do.

It's a craft alot of the ladies in my family have done, but something I never tried myself.  But that changes now.  At my local Goodwill I picked up these acrylic coasters from  that came with a cross stitch pattern and a piece of Aida cloth (the fabric with those little squares that you use for cross stitch). The ugly snowman pattern got tossed, but my creative brain started working and I thought I might try making something fun!

Of course no project starts without a little online research first. Although I'm pretty sure I won't be doing any of these on my first try, they are pretty to look at and give me some great inspiration

 I am in love with the colors on this footstool

preppy shoes- love the leopard

These remind me alot of Nantucket

an elephant coin purse- yes please!

flasks, so cute for a groomsmen gift

Jonathan Adler has cheeky needlepoint pillows

I need to find something to do with cross stitch buttons!

How could I not make this Elephant- in blue and orange would be just perfect!

If I ever finish my coasters I might have to try one of these DIY iphone cases

So many projects, so little time. 

Judging from how long its taken me to stitch 1 letter on 1 of my coasters, it will take me months to finish them.  Keep an eye out for that post next year sometime.

Happy Friday!


Linda said...

I love and know how to do both! I think it's a shame that needle arts seem to have gone out of fashion, but hopefully people like you will bring them back! :) I find the biggest problem is having the time it takes to do them. Life seems so much busier now than in years past. Enjoy your project and I'll look forward to the post of your completed work 'next year'! Happy Friday to you too!

jonalynn said...

Who the eff knew needlepoint and cross stitch could be so pretty and modern?! Peace out, weird Christmas bazaar and shabby chic ickiness!

Loving the footstool, coin purse, eyeglass cases, flask cover and Apple product cases!

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Grace (The Stripe) said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that coin purse!!

A Perfect Gray said...

love the stool. I used to do a good bit of cross stitch - now I'm blaming my poor eyesight on all that work! donna

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

There's a fun needlepoint shop on Newbury if you need more supplies or inspiration!
They even have kits to make those leather belts.

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

LOVE the JA pillows and those eyeglasses cases!

designchic said...

Oh yes, a time consuming, but beautiful art. I bought my son-in-law the Smathers and Brothers needlepoint belt for Christmas and it is wonderful. Can't wait to see your progress!!

Karena said...

Needlepoint I have not tried. Cross stitch yes. I love these examples and that stool is wonderful!

Art by Karena