mini projects

I have been crazy busy with school this semester.  Even though I am up to my eyeballs in homework, I'm still itching to do fun stuff.  A girl can only do so much homework before she goes nuts, right?

To feed my creative side AND still get my homework done I started a list of mini projects.  Things that I could finish fast with minimal interruption to all the drawing I have to do.  Tops on the list is painting projects.  Painting usually requires lots of coats and drying time- perfect for breaks between homework.

While I dont have alot of furniture in my apartment to paint (besides those damn office bookcases that STILL need to get done) but I have lots of furniture drawers and shelves that could use a fun splash of color. Look at all this inspiration

Elle Decor

Martha Stewart

So many fun projects I could do just from this inspiration! 

I'm starting out slow with our coffee table drawer, can anyone guess what color it is currently being painted??


Belle on Heels said...

The bookshelf in our guest bedroom could totally use a makeover like this. Come to think of it, ALL of the furniture in our guest bedroom would benefit from this!

melanie said...

blue! can't wait to see your mini projects...

pve design said...

Just like a pop of a lining color! I love it! You always make me think of things I want to do to add a freshness.
drawer must be blue or orange!

Kim @ keller-creative said...

Martha Stewart Magazine just did a something on this too. Its making me want to paint!

Christina Marie Interiors said...

Love this colorful look! Judging from your last post I'm guessing you're going with green! Good luck with the homework :)

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Love the fun surprise you get when you open one of those! We painted a gray side table a fun teal inside and it's a little joy every time we open it :) I'm guessing some shade of blue... turquoise, maybe?

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

cant wait to see what you end up painting! Love all these colors!