Ombre Paint DIY

Ombre flowers, cakes, paint, and nails have certainly made their way around the internet.  Here are a few of my favorites

(Little Green Notebook)

(Redbook photo by Alexandra Rowley)

(Maggie Austin Cake)

Martha Stewart photo by Simon Watson

Urban Outfitters

Natty By Design

I love the look of anything ombre and since I just happened to have a plain wood box sitting around I decided to make my own version.  It's been awhile since I posted a DIY box or a tray. I guess that ends now, huh? 

The whole box started with a coat of light pink, or was it the dark pink.  oh, I cant remember.  Either way it was pink.

Then using a paper plate I mixed and matched my dark pink and white paint till I found the right tints for the box. 

even the inside is kinda ombre

from the top it looks like just a plain old light pink box

but look at it from the side and it's a total ombre party

It took a little trial and error, but without much issue I now have my own ombre piece.


Lindsay said...

Great job! Very pretty. And that cake is amazing...almost too pretty to eat....almost ;)

Belle on Heels said...

ZOMG did you see the pink ombre cake DIY that Eddie Ross just posted? Soooo fabulous. And it matches your cute ombre box!

pve design said...

love it!

Karena said...

I love to see the gradations in color. You must go see Eddie Ross' post today!

Art by Karena

Kim @ keller-creative said...

So cute! I love that desk and the baloons too!

laura @ so alaurable said...

Love it! I love how subtle it is!


René said...

Oh I love it! Been missing your DIY boxes & trays.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

This is awesome! I want to make my own now. Can you tell me where you found the box?

LindsB said...

Carrie its just from Joanne Fabrics, nothing fancy at all- a good coat of primer does the trick :)

Unknown said...

That Maggie Austin Cake is absolutely amazing I can't imagine how this beauty could be done. Greets olympic 2012 accommodations

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Love it! These photos make such a great collection of ideas. Who wouldn't love that desk??

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Cute and very sweet! Eddie Ross also just got into the ombre craze and made a cake - you should check it out.