Animal House

I've got a little obsession with animal wallpaper lately.  Maybe its because I used it on my mid-term project, or maybe its the fact that I cant actually have wallpaper in my rental apartment, but either way I'm a big fan!

It all started with this lovely Cole & Son Tropical Bird paper, in that blue/green colorway on the right to be exact. I used it on the ceiling in my mid-term family room and I LOVE how it pulled the whole room together.

Staying in the bird category, this is another lovely Julia Rothman wallpaper that we've all seen used on the ceiling in a lovely nursery

The famous bird nursery as designed by Rhoney Design

This fun ostrich paper is eco-friendly, which is probably why Michelle Adams chose to use it in her own apartment

 Michelle Adams apartment as seen from Lonny Mag

I posted about this Brunschwig & Fils frog paper before, I'm still totally smitten with it

I love the colorways this Cole & Son Flamingo paper comes in

What a fun bathroom!

This Scalamandre Zebra paper is nothing new, but I still love it and would use it in my own home in a heartbeat.

Kate Spades bathroom

From Traditional Home design by Massucco Warner Miller
(photo by Werner Straube)

From the Scalamandre website

This Thibaut Cheetah paper is super fun- Furbish just started carrying it too, so its super easy to get now.

Photo from the Thibaut website

I fell in love with these doggies when Erica from Urban Grace updated a dated green tile bathroom with this Best in Show paper.   

Seriously, it looks like that green tile was just installed- I love this bathroom.

Another amazing bathroom with the Best in Show paper is from Bailey from Peppermint Bliss. 
(As seen from Rue Magazine)

Last but not least is an awesome elephant pagoda wallpaper from my favorite designer, Katie Ridder.

Pagoda Wallpaper via Katie Ridder 

She used it in the entryway at the Kips Bay 2010 Showhouse.

(PS- if you dont have Katie Ridder Rooms yet, go get it now! I promise you won't regret it)

Now I just need a house big enough so I can use them all.  Ok, maybe just a few.  But for real, I love every single one!

So which one is your favorite? 


Kathysue said...

I just pinned a wall gallery that was done with all black and white animal silhouettes, it was quite stunning. You could do something like that in your apartment and then take it with you when you move, kathysue

heather (love your space) said...

Love all of these--but personally I'm SYING to use the Nina Campbell paper for O&L with the swans. I keep thinking it's called Swan's Way, but I must be thinking about Proust.

Fun roundup!

Unknown said...

wow those are just so fun and whimsical, but can still look so classy!! I'm in love.. totally

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

I ADORE every single one too, but just imagine a home covered using all of them...it's be nuts, but a serious conversation starter for sure! xx Danielle

Me, Ed and Pea said...

I lllllooooovvveeee this fun wallpaper. I need to get some. Thanks for pulling together so many fun options!

p-l-a-i-d said...

The zebra's are my favorite! But I also love the birds on the ceiling in the nursery.

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

Have you ever been to upstairs on the square in Harvard sq? They have that scalamandre zebra wall paper in HOT PINK. It's insane.

la petite fashionista said...

The zebras are my favorite!! I hate renting and not being able to paint or wallpaper. I've been looking for some cool wall decals

Love your blog!

Xoxo' Lauren

Unknown said...

Love the mirror in the zebra bathroom by Massucco Warner Miller and I just have to say that I got the same exact mirror at a local flea market and I'm just very excited to see it in your site! I put mine above the fireplace and it looks fab! I also loooove the nursery!

Terese said...

i don't know if i'd be bold enough to use these in the rest of my house, but would love them for a nursery or kid's room! great roundup.

rebecca said...

crazy wallpaper would be perfect for a guest bathroom or a hallway. you know, some place you wouldn't get sick from seeing it so often. too cute.

Sadie + Stella said...

Ahhh I love them all! But my heart skips a beat with that zebra paper. Larve!

Mr Paul said...

You had me at, 'animal wallpaper' I adore the selection you've picked, I'd not seen these and am currently looking for animal wallpaper. Hyyyuge thanks.


Amanda C. Bee said...

I'm so happy I just found your blog! Everything about this post is amah-zing! I love critters! x

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