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Alright, next on the agenda is a question to all my lovely readers.  Do any of you have one of these amazing contraptions, also known as a Cricut machine?

Is it hard to use?  Do you have software that allows you to hook it up to your computer and make your own designs?  I don't want to get one and be stuck buying all those silly cartridges for it, I want to make my own designs.  Help a girl out and give me some advice, would you? peaceloveandthanks.

Lastly, and I can NOT believe I am about to post this for all to see, I need help with a major eye sore.  And it goes as follows....

Yes, this is what I call my bathroom.  Feel sorry for me, I do.

You have no idea how much strength it takes me not take a sledge hammer to the tile and then call my landlord and say "oops sorry, it slipped".

Anyone out there have any amazing before and after photos of apartment bathrooms? Maybe your own, maybe not, it doesn't matter. I feel like my brain is beyond fried from school & my creative juices are tapped out. Kinda like Vicki's love tank last year.  I'm taking any and all suggestions, so send 'em along. peaceloveandthanks times two.

Thats it for now and dont forget to enter the pillow cover giveaway here.

Happy Weekend!


pve design said...

To tell you the truth, it has a very Kate Spade feel, find some groovy paper, or paint it a stripe....I think with your cleverness and talent, you can make this over...without renovating. I love vintage hip wallpapers and then a new fixture and some framed art...

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

At least yours isn't ear infection yellow and black like mine was. You could work with this. Since its small enough you could do a really killer wallpaper. Nate has a trick on how to wallpaper in rentals so that it is easily removable when you move out. You could hide those holes in the tile with a nice tray on the back of the toliet all styled up. And the lightfixture - yikes. You can only go up from what's there so that's good news. :) Maybe add a black monogram or trim to your shower curtain to tie that in. You've got mad skills, I know you will come up with something awesome.

Audreya said...

My mom has a Cricut (which, like her iPhone, means I may as well have it because I have to show her how to do everything) :-) No, I wouldn't say it's hard to use. We did go to a class at a scrapbooking store just for some tips and tricks. It was pretty helpful. However, I don't know if you can hook up to the computer. The ladies at the class who did that all talked about doing it with their Silhouette machines instead of Cricut.

pastsoon said...

Hi ~ Of course a funky wallpaper would be great but if you're in the mood for a serene option, how about "upholstering" the walls (right over the tile and all) with an inexpensive terry cloth or painters canvas material? You could easily install tack board at the top of the walls and wrap it over (you'd have to add batting to the the wall and double layer above the tile to get the depth consistent), once you upholstered the tackboard to the top, you could secure the bottom with double sided tape (velcro). You can hot glue decorative upholstery gimp, or make your own inexpensive border with folded fabric, or use rope, etc. to hid the area at the top where the fabric is on the tack strip. IF there was ever a makeup (or toilet bowl cleaner) mishap, you could remove that section and launder it. Yes, not easy from that perspective, but doable and when you move, easy to take the whole thing down. A fun skirt on the sink made from almost any fabric you love (Or stack the baskets with the paper, towels, etc) and then a Fun Chandy in the place of the brass fixture. You can place the ceiling medallion for the fixture in the same spot the brass one is affixed and just raise it to the ceiling and hang on a hook (save the old one to put back when you move). Then a pair of candle sconces on either side of the mirror OR go ALL out and MAKE a vanity mirror with a vintage gilded frame and remove the door of the current medicine cabinet, plase your gilded frame on hinges and you still have access to your goodies. If you don't access the plug to the left of the sink you can cover it too, otherwise, you'll need to do some neat trimming with your fabric treatment, also ofcourse around your pipes. But honestly it isn't that difficult. Because the soap dish is the type that sticks out, you'll have to go around it or if you're brave ~ temporarily remove it and safely store it then reattach it before you move when you take down your fabric treatment. If none of this suits your style, you could Paint or Paper the top half and apply acrylic mirror panels on a lightweight frame that attaches right over the old tile. Too much to put in a post but you can get in touch with me if you want more info on the mirror technique. And Remember, if you decide to replace the vanity mirror with your own customized version, It can be HUGE if you want ~ It can span the width over the toilet and the sink which would visually enlarge your space. On the back of the tank, I'd put a shallow planter with some fern to draw the eye away from the toilet you hate....ANYWAY ~ you can experiment and it will be fun. Oh, one last thing, if you could find a tall narrow (maybe vintage) etagere to put in place of the small white cabinet, some height in there would help too~ Happy brainstorming!!!

Kim @ keller-creative said...

I have a cricut but have never actually used it.... Let me know what you find out. I keep meaning to try it out!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

wow, those are some chic pillows!! Janell

karen said...

Jumping in here!
As a renter, I've learned the truth in embracing things you can't change - if the rest of your accessories are black or white, and you painted that wall a nice clean white, the pink would pop and look much better; like you meant for it to be there, since you can't change it.
Changing wall and ceiling fixtures is also a good DIY project - not too complicated at all! Just remember to turn off that circuit at the breaker before getting into the wiring.