You know I'm in the middle of my mid-terms or finals when there is so much dead space going on over here...so sorry about that. I didn't mean to leave you all hanging!  But my final is over, I think it went well- of course there is more I could have done but there are only so many hours in the day.  I have two weeks of freedom before my summer class starts and I am so excited to relax and get those 1,000 projects on my list tackled started.

Anywoo, while I get my desk cleaned up and my act together I thoght I would post the sources that I promised you all last week.

This space started off with my new fabric obsession.  The Manuel Canovas Dara fabric.  I think it could be a new favorite like the Chiang Mai craze. 

Oly Studio white end tables 
Orange Robert Abbey lamps
Throw pillows on sofa are from Caitlin Wilsons awesome new fabric line (I used Jade Byblos and Mint Fretwork)
Jonathan Adler Preston Cocktail Table
Bungalow 5 blue tray
Stray Dog Designs pink side table
Dash and Albert green and white striped rug

I think that's everything for now.  Happy Thursday everyone!


p-l-a-i-d said...

This is such a fresh, fun room you created!

Anonymous said...

the couch?! where is that fabulous couch from?!

Stephanie said...

Love your blog. read often but never comment. I came across a pin on pinterest from your blog but it just links back to your main page and I've tried searching several terms but can't find the associated post. You don't happen to remember what post or source this image came from, do you? BIG thank you!

LindsB said...

Stephanie, that photo is from Lauren Liess's home, its her little boys room- I love Lauren and her blog! You can find her at Pure Style Home.

Stephanie said...

Fantastic! thank you so much! I love her blog too so glad to know it's hers! :)

Anonymous said...

yes, where is the sofa from???!!!