straight up with a twist

City apartments always have their quirks.  Whether it's having to walk though one bedroom to get to another or strangely laid out kitchens, its always something.  I've been doing my research on apartments/condos available in our price range around here and let me tell you, its slim pickings.  What is available in our price range are those crazy shaped apartments with limited storage space, outdated kitchens and bathrooms and lots of fun alcoves/ bump outs to deal with.

In my dreamworld my future apartment would have plenty of closet/storage space and that one random alcove to deal with.  In that one random alcove (that's strategically located between the family room and kitchen because I'm just that lucky. I mean this is my dreamworld) a built in wet bar would be so lovely.  It would make my apartment perfect for those book club meetings, dinner parties, or that end of day glass bottle of wine.

Here is what I had in mind
Technically this isn't a "wet bar", its just a bar. But even with no sink, wine fridge or dishwasher drawer this bar is still perfect.  Well, the Mariah Carey butterfly light fixture would have to go. Then it's perfect.

A built-in bar like this would be amazing to have, if only I had this set up in my current apartment.

Ok this one isn't an alcove- but it's great use of the wall space between the two doors. It might otherwise be junk counter space if it was not something useful like this wet bar area.

Yet another Bailey creation that I'm smitten over.

The dark cabinets and brass hardware had me at hello. This would be so lovely in a small apartment because it's simple yet functional.

Pretty wood counters- but I'd switch out those door panels on the bottom, I'm not feeling those.

I'd switch out the crystal hardware, but other than that I love this bar. Do you see that fab nailhead detail along the wall?

And lastly, my favorite

Miles Redd.  He can do no wrong in my eyes.  This bar combines my love of painted woodwork AND drinking.  It's a marriage made in heaven.

Now to find the perfect apartment with an alcove between the kitchen and family room for my bar (and also a 2 car garage, washer and dryer, massive walk in closets, designer kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a zoo with an elephant and a giraffe on my roof deck that has a pool).

I should probably start wishing on all the stars in the sky right now.

(Photos from: Windsor Smith, Hammersmith Atlanta, Mahoney Architects and Interiors, Ventana Construction, Peppermint Bliss, Hinkley Lighting,  Muse Interiors, Decor Pad, Miles Redd via Town and Country)


pve design said...

Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Eleven Gray said...

I love these pictures. I love those short of dedicated bar areas in kitchens. Such a great place to display and store barware and alcohol. Great pics.

Anonymous said...

hahah love this post. I so can relate as I'm apartment hunting myself right now. So like, really, can't we just find the perfect place that has every single thing we've ever dreamed a living space should??! Is that so much to ask??

Kim said...

Love these nooks ... I have a dream/wish list too. It is soooo long ... but that keeps us going right?

Julie {Julip Made} said...

When you find the building that has all this... let me know and we can be neighbors! The bar tray on my folded up dining room table doesn't exactly do my drinking habit justice so a bar alcove is much needed. Happy Friday lady!

Linda said...

Smitten by that last one, for sure!

Kellie Collis said...

How wonderful! Hope you find your perfect kitchen. Have a delightful week ahead, Kellie xx

Unknown said...

lovely, and yes, number one is perfect, 'cept for miz carey's chandelier. ;-)

decoguy said...

how beautiful do all these bars and apartments look! they look really nice, I hope you find your right apartment soon! I had a bar that was in the corner of the room in the basement, I wish i took advantage of that before i moved

gothic victorian dresses said...

Such pretty photos!These are all perfect!Love the color of the last one!