One Room Challenge: Week 2

Clearly this week got away from me and I forgot to get up my One Room Challenge post on Wednesday.  So instead of skipping this week all together I'm posting this on a Friday, deal with it.

I seem to be having the same issues with my bedroom that I have in the other rooms in my apartment (which is probably why it has remained unfinished for the last couple of months).  I make a plan, 100% tell myself I will stick with it, and then when it comes times to execute said plan I decide that I want to change it again because I've seen a few paint color or fabric that I like better.  Then once I change everything and come up with a new plan the whole cycle starts over again.  See where I'm going with this?  It's one viscous circle.  Any one else have this issue?

Anyway, I've decided to stop thinking and just go with it.  I have a hoarding problem, which means I have fabric, paint, craft supplies and accessories coming out of my eyeballs so I can always change it up later.

I already have a lamp I love, so I'm using that as my jumping off point.
I also have the black and white striped rug, except I don't like it for my bedroom so I'm going to try a magical DIY painting project and turn that sucker into something purdy.

Next, I picked up some Golden Gold paint and I'm smitten with it.  I've been painting everything gold that isn't tied down around here.

Finally, I've got to find myself some shams that don't cost as much as a car payment and have them monogrammed.  Let's not forget that once I find those shams it will 100% take me DAYS to find the right style monogram and placement to use.  I won't even mention the thousands of thread colors I have to narrow down to one (or two).  I just have to keep telling myself "just go with it."

Clearly all of the things I listed are just accessories- I'm praying to the bedroom gods that the rest just falls into place.  Easy task right?

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Leah said...

that lamp is great! i am going through the same thing with my bedroom right now too. i bought some inexpensive white shams and had them monogrammed. they look great, but i'm a little stuck right now. hoping you have an easier time making decisions than i do!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I am trying to figure out an Ikea hack on some cabinets, as I write. I have hours invested in pintrest on this.....I want the time back! Good luck

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good starting point! Love the navy!

The Pink Pagoda said...

Ha! I can so relate to your vicious cycle!! It's never ending for me, so the ORC is very helpful. I have to make myself stop and do SOMETHING. I love your lamp -- I know your bedroom will be gorgeous!

Emily said...

I am all about the navy too- looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I have that same problem - I can sympathize! I love what you've come up with - that rug is going to look great!

Kim said...

I love the monogramed pillows and can't wait to see how you go gold on your rug! I just painted my mantel over my fireplace gold ... trying to figure it all out while I type this! Can't wait to see what you next!

Unknown said...

Hi LIndsay,
Where are you going to get your pillows monogrammed? I need some done for my LR. Good Luck with your room.

René said...

Your plan looks wonderful! I can totally relate to never finishing anything. You perfectly described my mental state.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I love this idea, and cant wait to see the results, you have such a great eye, Im sure it will be lovely!

Nicole Scott said...

It WILL all fall into place...you've got a great start...cant wait to see the rest.