One Room Challenge: Week 3

This week was all about getting some accessories done. I focused on my nightstand and worked to spruce up that little area of my bedroom.  A nightstand is one of those spaces that can get messy fast.  You know, the water glasses, magazines, books, lip gloss, hair ties, jewelry, etc. that just happen to land on the nightstand and never go away. 

Because of the way our tiny bedroom is laid out, I'm the only one with a nightstand.  My husband sleeps next to the door and there is zero space for any type of shelf or table there.  He wakes up LONG after I do, so there was no real need for an alarm clock on his side.

I started my DIY projects with a tray.  Shocker right? I do love my trays.  I picked up this plain octagon shaped wood tray that was just the right scale to hold a few essentials on my nightstand and make them look more organized.

Since it was unfinished wood I gave it a coat of spray primer and then finished it up with a few coats of my go to white, Benjamin Moore White Dove.  I intended to paint it some crazy color or pattern but once I saw it on top of my faux bois nightstand I realized that white may be the best choice.  Since I was itching to paint it with something cool I taped off the top edge and used my new gold paint.

Next project I worked on was adding some much needed art above the nightstand.  Since I'm still not sure if I want to buy new fabric for my headboard (which could turn out to be $$ depending on the fabric) I chose to keep this art project as close to $0 as possible.  Plus, as we collect and invest in more art for our house it will most likely be replaced down the road anyway.

A few months ago I posted about some cross stitch coasters I was trying to make.  Well, those suckers are taking a LONG time.  Who knew all those little x's took so damn long?!?  I put that project aside and worked on creating a little monogram for this space.

I had no real directions, I just used graph paper and mapped out a plan.  And if you want to know another secret, it's not the correct type of floss you are suppose to use either.  I just used 5 strands of sewing thread because it's what I had at home already.  (I'm sure all you real cross stitchers out there are totally cringing, sorry!)

To make my Ikea Ribba frame look more custom I had a custom white mat to fit. But when I put the mat in the Ribba frame, the whites were just off.  So out came my paint and I crossed my fingers that painting it would work.

To make sure I didn't end up with a streaky mat- I added water to the paint and it worked like a charm. No streaky mat here!

For my next trick I pulled out my watercolor paper from color class and just started doodling.  At this point I was not really planning on making anything pretty, I was letting off some creative steam.  But once I started painting hearts all over my paper (totally high school style) I realized that one large red heart could look pretty cool.  Plus, Jenny did just say yesterday that every room needs a punch of red

OK less words, more pictures.  Here is my heart
I thought about adding words, or initials, or even my wedding date to it but I was really digging how simple and plain it was.

Oh, and that awesome gold frame used to be not so awesome.  I think I told you awhile back that when someone moves out of my building their unwanted junk ends up in the foyer.  Most people find it annoying and rude, but not me! I love seeing what treasures end up there and I almost always snag a couple few dozen things with grand DIY plans for everything.  You can't beat the price.

Back to the frame, it had cracked and chipped black paint with an awful photo in it. As I ripped out the photo I realized it was dated 1927 on the inside. Ummm, oops!  Hope it wasn't valuable because that sucker got the boot.  I scrubbed the glass clean and glammed up the frame with my new gold paint and ta-da, free art!  Don't make fun, I know you all secretly wish you had trash treasure in your foyer too.

Here are my two new DIY art projects

Lastly, I'm in the process of painting my rug blue.  I don't have any after photos yet since it's not finished yet.  In fact this is what it looks like on my family room floor as I type this

Stay tuned for the finished rug!

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kelly g said...

Where did you find the tray??

Katie of At Home When Im With You said...

White and gold are one of my favorite combos- love the tray! Can't wait to see how the rug turns out :)

Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

Love the tray! Looks great. I remember cross-stitching! How fun.

Julie S said...

Fun! I think all your small changes are going to add up to a big impact. Can't wait to see the end result :)

Beth Connolly said...

Love the tray - so clever.

Jessie said...

I love how you transform that tray. White inside with gold trim? Genius!

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Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

omg i love that youre painting the rug. totes something we would do. how brave tho! and i LOVE it already. and you did great things with that octagonal tray! well done, you!


You are crafty!!!! Love the trays....and your art work!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Yes, another tray admirer...where do you get them? You were a busy girl this week. I want to know more about the painted rug. I am dying to try one and want to known if it feels crunchy when you are done.

Lisa Mende Design said...

Love, love, love the tray!!! and everything else! you are so much ilke me. i love digging in other people's throw away piles! And it totally like me to be painting a rug in my den! haha!!! You go girl!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Such great little changes. Totally in love with the tray!

Nicole Scott said...

wowza! you have been busy....your rug is looking amazing! Greta job!

Kim said...

Busy, Busy!! Way to go with all these little projects ... truly the details make the room and you are knocking it out!! Love the tray and cannot wait to see the rug!! I am a collector of old frames as well!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You are on a roll! Love the artwork and the tray is so cute! I made over a tray a while back and I got addicted. I could have a tray on every surface of my house I think. :)

Sadie + Stella said...

I adore the tray! Equally as much, I adore what you are doing with this rug!

alison giese Interiors said...

Tray-sheeek! ;)

LindsB said...

Kelly G, If I remember correctly I think it came from Hobby Lobby

Barbara Matson said...

Oh that tray is amazing, I did the same thing to one I have laying around, I painted mine red and used rub n buff to make the edge gold! As for your art - tres chic and the rug is fabulous! You are putting my progress to shame!

StagerLinda said...

Love following your progress. I think my fav is the framed heart!

Ashley said...

Look at you, SO productive!