essentials in blue

The Summer is short lived around these parts. Blink and you may miss it.  If you are a New Englander these Summer hours are precious ones that don't come around too often. So making the most out of every hour is essential. 

Here is a blue inspired round up of Summer things

farmers market basket - I want nothing more than to come home from the farmers market and put my fresh berries in this ceramic basket

Turkish-T towels - for the beach, lake or at home I love these colorful towels

blue acrylic tumblers - a beach party is no party without some acrylic tumblers filled with your favorite beverage

Yes To Blueberries Towlettes - perfect to pack in your bag to give your face a refresher during those hot Summer days

Maine Blueberries - best blueberries in the world, hands down. 

elephant bracelet -  well this is an easy one. elephants and blue, this is perfection.

blue leather clutch - I have this in orange, but I think my closet needs the blue one too.  Bonus, you can get it personalized.

essie Bikini so Teeny - my little piggies are feeling special with this color on them right now


Unknown said...

anything elephant is PERFECTION!

*Much Bliss*
Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Lisa Mende Design said...

Agree on all accounts!!! Love blue in the summer! Everything blue especially blueberries!!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I think about trying that essie color every time I go get my nails done. You like?

Elizabeth said...

I love the leather clutch! And I love that you can monogram it!

Kim said...

I used to say I didn't like blue ... my opinion has changed over the years ... and these blues are simply divine! Loving these precious Summer New England days!

LindsB said...

Elizabeth, I was a little scared of the color at first, but I'm totally loving it now! I say go for it. You only have to commit to it for approx 2 weeks, right?

pve design said...

love blue - and love my special pve package that arrived today! a proper note is on the way!
thanks so much~


You are speaking my language here...love all things blue!

Emily said...

My middle name is BLUE! Can never get enough...liking the towels and the fruit ceramic container! FAB