Get my paint on!

Just before school started last week I was feeling a bit creative.  I knew my free time was limited so I wanted to get in some me crafting time before school projects dominated my time.

I had purchased a few small canvases from my local art store that had been sitting unused for quite some time.  It was time to get my paint on.

(4x7 canvas)

Don't mind the photos with the flash, it was the only way to show the real colors of each painting
(5x5 canvas)

As with a lot of the projects I do spontaneously, I'm not quite sure where I'm going to put these yet.  But for now they are looking pretty on my dresser.  They give a little color to my bedroom when I don't have flowers in there.

Is it Friday yet?


srldesign said...

I love the colors...so pretty. I'm a fellow Interior Design student too, where are you attending school?

Stephanie Sabbe said...

luuuurve it!

Lilacandgrey said...


Kim said...

LindsB ... the colors are beautiful ... you will always find a place for them in your home and they will make you smile! xo

wallpaper designs said...

wow, these are really awesome and attractive pieces of painting. Your selection of colors seems your interest in art.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Really love these! The colors are great, but the brushstrokes are even better.