Here Piggy, Piggy

I have lusted over the Harry Allen gold piggy bank since I laid eyes on it.  It is just so shiny & pretty and a work of art on its own, the bank part is just an added bonus.  But whats not a bonus is the price tag.  Ouch!

Since I like to unload my change at the end of the day, I have a change bowl on my entry table.  Because it's out for all to see, I like it to be pretty.  Until I can save up lots (and lots) of my pennies for my beloved gold pig, I came up with some more budget friendly piggy bank choices

Happy Thirsty Thursday!


pve design said...

I bet you will find a way to DIY a pretty pig...papier mache or find something plastic and spray paint it gold? I will be on the look out.

Heather (love your space) said...

Two different people have given me the gold pig as a gift--my husband and mybest friend. Isn't that funny? (One went back). I do love it so!

Unknown said...

all things elephant and i'm SOLD - my SIL is all things pig :o) - total charms!