Personalized Packing

These days paying for that extra suitcase (or overweight luggage) when flying is a major bummer. Because all those rules and regulations are getting more and more strict I have tried to lighten my travel load with a few simple changes. 

I always keep my travel toiletries bag stocked and ready to go in my linen closet.  But these days my Kate Spade travel bag seems super heavy. Even without all my travel essentials the bag alone weighs a lot.  Since my husband and I are planning a trip to Italy soon, I figured it was the perfect time to update my travel toiletries bag.  Time to cut the extra weight. 

The first thing I did was purchase some of these leak proof bottles at Container Store, time to get rid of full size items!

Next up was the toiletries bag.  Scout generously offered to send me one of their Packin' Heat bags to try out and the timing could not have been more perfect (except they JUST came out with the new Leopard print and I'm so sad I didn't get that one).   It is larger than I thought it would be, and super light- perfect for my carry on luggage.

The fact that it could be personalized was even better! I love me a good monogram.

Here it is with just a few items and I still have lots of room left for more

Hopefully by lightening my travel toiletries bag I will have room for that extra pair of shoes I just HAVE to pack.

Tell me, what are some of the things you do to lighten your travel load?


Kate in Vienna said...

Instead of lugging my favorite perfume (and fearing breakage), I pack the tear out perfume sheets from magazines. Weighs nothing and I get to try out a new scent each day!

pve design said...

To lighten my load, I try to bring only what I can carry.
I have seasonal lists that I refer to so I'm not guilty of overpacking. Also trying to just limit to the number 7 helps.
I love my Scout bag.....we use it to carry our lunch when we go skiing. I am going to do a little holiday shopping.

StagerLinda said...

I like silk for layering. It's lightweight but can provide warmth if you layer it.

Sadie + Stella said...

That is the exact design I got on mine! They sent me one during Summer and this was the exact one I chose. Great minds think a like. Same name, not surprised we both have great taste! :)