Weekend recap

I'm back from the lake! I feel refreshed and renergized and so thankful I got up to the lake before the end of the season.

Here are some pictures from my few days away (and if you follow me on instagram than you have already seen these, sorry!)

hello lake!

so peaceful

I didnt get to waterskiing this trip but I did plenty of boat driving to make up for it 

a perfect sunset

My favorite view (when I was not behind the wheel of the boat)

it was a smidge windy when we took this photo

until next time!


Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

So pretty! Welcome back! Glad to hear the time away was relaxing.

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Unknown said...

Hey! I love your blog, just wanted to say. But I am so curious - this lake looks so familiar... it looks just like Long Pond in Belgrade Lakes, ME. I know that most of the lakes up there look the same, but I thought I recognized some identical features! Where is it?

LindsB said...

Lindsay, Its actually Great Pond right next door, what a great eye you have! Actually, the one with me and my husband is right at the Long Pond, Great Pond damn. I love it up there, its my favorite place!