bubble up!

There seems to be a thing about bubbles lately.  I had seen Lindsey Adelman's lights awhile ago, but the name popped up again in Elle Decor in non other than Ivanka Trumps posh apartment.  Then when I went to her website again it had been updated, this photo stopped me in my tracks

hello lover!

If only that ahhhh-mazing light fixture wouldn't set me back just over $17,000.  Yeah, that's not a typo there.  It's almost like hanging a car above my dining room table.  Or 3 cars if you're talking my car in college.

Back to the point, bubbles.  I'm loving them lately.  The shiny glass, the modern designs, they had me at hello.  But not the $17k price tag.  Here are some other pretty bubbles that I'd love to grace my ceilings

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pve design said...

LA's lights are ART! Love them.

Ashley said...

Hahahaha! Hanging a car...love it, as do I love Lindsey Adelman's lighting. It's great that she offers tutorials on how to recreate her lighting pieces for less on her website.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

how are you blogging in Italy. I needed my buddy at the BCD today!!

Matters of Style said...

So gorgeous!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

LOL. Love the car analogy. Puts it all in perspective. :)

Kim said...

Ditto PVE ... lights are art! Gorgeous inspiration ... but I'd have to look for a knock off!! xo

Natalie Xanthakis said...

You should check out my bubble chandelier as well! :)


Kristin Peake Interiors said...

Love this post. Also wanted to say, I think the layout and content of your blog is great, it's one of my must-reads. Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Love the chandelier, but that kitchen layout would drive me nuts! Having to navigate the dining table & chairs as you cook? No me gusta.

Clayton Gray Home said...


Thank you for featuring our Globe Sconce and our Bubbles Glass Ceiling Light. We Love your bubbles collage! We are all fans of your blog AND any and all bubbles items here at CGH.

Thanks again for the mention!