They Floored Me

Being in Italy was like having a full time IV of inspiration flowing through my veins.  Everywhere I looked there was beautiful works of art, stunning gardens, one of a kind building facades, marble EVERYWHERE, color, culture and food!  I soaked up every detail I could and used my iphone to take photos like a crazy person.

One place that sticks out in my mind like no other was the Cathedral of Siena.  It was like no building I have ever laid my eyes on. The pictures don't do this Cathedral justice and it's beauty is something I can never put into words, it just has to be seen for itself.

The marble floors date back to to the early 13th century, that's over 780 years old (550 years before Paul Revere even thought about his midnight ride). Anyway, the floors are only a tiny part of it's beauty- but I just couldn't help myself from snapping a million photos of the marble patterns.

The designs and patterns were breathtaking and I wanted to scoop up the floors and take them home with me.  But not wanting to end up in an Italian jail cell for the rest of my life I started to think how I could create my own patterned floors. 

Obvi marble is the first choice, but when my bank account doesnt allow for Italian marble paint could be used.  Always looking for more inspiration here are some pretty awesome painted floors

Bridget Beari Design

Christinia Murphy

Suzanne Rheinstein design via Elle Decor, photo by Roger Davies

Ashley Whittaker design via House Beautiful, photo by Eric Piasecki

Lindsey Coral Harper design via House Beautiful, photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

Nick Olsen design via New York Social Diary, photo by Jeff Hirsch

Nick Olsen design via New York Social Diary, photo by Jeff Hirsch

Thom Filicia

Traditional Home designed by Grant K. Gibson

I know paint isnt the same as Italian marble, but you have to admit they are pretty to look at!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I adored Siena-- their Duomo is the best i've seen too. amazing!

Anonymous said...

I remember that church..amazing! great pics and post...love those floors.


Love everyone of those painted floors...if someone would just come do it for me :)