Toothpaste Art

Trying to explain to my husband why it was most certainly necessary to bring home multiple tubes of toothpaste was futile. He thought I was nuts.  "Don't they sell toothpaste in the US?", he asked.  I then went into a little explanation of why this toothpaste was special, that the packaging was just so pretty and that it was cheaper in Italy. He just shook his head while giving me the evil eye as I continued to pack my toothpaste ever so carefully. 

What toothpaste was worth using up 5 of my 50 pound limit? MARVIS!
I just has the prettiest packaging and makes for a lovely addition to any sink. I mean the cap alone is a work of art and the taste, well that's just an added benefit.  I used the Jasmin Mint the other night, and I was seriously like brushing my teeth with a field of flowers and mint at the same time.  Weird at first, but I grew to like it.
Martha Stewart really loves using it in her styling
And so do other stylists, these are just a few I found  

All in all I think carrying home the multiple tubes of Marvis from Italy was a good choice.  I'd do it all over again if I could.  In fact I might even up my game to a dozen tubes. Imagine that husband!

Have a good weekend everyone!!

(Photos from Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Pottery Barn, Apartment Therapy, and Country Living by Wendell T. Webber)


pve design said...

I love details and fresh sparkly teeth too!
Ciao bella, enjoy the weekend.

Heather (love your space) said...

Have you used the toothpaste? It's actually REALLY great. My husband's favorite! Gotta love when you've got both function and loveliness.

MaryBeth said...

I buy this at Anthropology.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Too funny! I bought a ton of it from Amazon to have on hand in our guest bath. We don't have a medicine cabinet so the toothpaste is left out in the open. If it needs to be left out, then it needs to be pretty! I've actually never tried brushing with it myself.

Julie S said...

That is hilarious! I really like the packaging too. I suppose this goes to show why I will never be a stylist. I didn't even know that was the kind of detail I didn't notice, until you pointed it out.