When those creative juices start flowing my apartment tends to blow up.  Meaning everything comes out of storage, there is stuff all over the floor and I live in this mess till my juices are all dried up and I decide its time to clean up.  The issue is, this clean phase only lasts a few days.  With all the open space on my family room floor it's the perfect place to start a new project.  And the cycle continues. 

The other day I had all of my paint stuff out (not for any specific project, it was out because nothing had been picked up from the last craft session) and I was sitting on the couch reading blogs, staring at this bottle of green paint.  Then it hit me like a light bulb.  MALACHITE!

There are so many awesome faux malachite projects out there and I've been itching to try some.  I had a wood box and a pile of old Ikea mats sitting next to me. I started with the mats and this is what I came up with

I don't think the black and white art will stay, I just whipped it up so I could show you all the mat in use.
Its not perfect, but it got me to cross something off my craft bucket list.
242,354.  Paint something faux malachite.

I also painted a box for my husbands dresser, but she wasn't photo ready yet.  Her debut will have to wait for now.
If you google faux malachite you'll be amazing at the awesome projects people have done.  Go forth and paint malachite. 
Happy weekend everyone!


Hannah said...

Love it! This is definitely something on my DIY list as well.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Didn't even realize it was faux. Thought you were showing off the abstract art. Awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

Malachite for a matte, brilliant!

marble floor border said...

We want to see the box that you painted. Hope to see your next update soon. xo
~ Herman Swan