The Fifth Wall

I'm in the process of helping my parents pick out new paint colors for their living room and dining room.  Actually I take that back, my Dad has only agreed to paint the living room as of right now. You see, the dining room is wallpapered and he is currently refusing to do anything with that room because of the wallpaper.  The two spaces are connected by a large open door, so its kind of like only putting lipstick on a pig if he doesn't do both spaces at once- the wallpaper is dated and just has.to.go.  (blog friends, help my Moms cause and leave a comment telling my Dad to just get rid of the wallpaper already, thanksloveya)

Anyway back to the point. The plan is to update both spaces with paint, new throw pillows, changing out of accessories, and rearranging the furniture placement. Upholstering the existing furniture is out of the budget at the moment, so I've gotta work with what I have.  Now for the paint plan (if my Dad takes down the wallpaper, fingers crossed) is to do high gloss white dove molding and woodwork in both spaces, White Dove walls in the living room (Mom wants neutral and BRIGHT), light blue on the living room ceiling, and Navy in the dining room.  What it looks like in my head, is HOT. 

You still with me...
So I come to you today to post about painted ceilings.  I think they both are on board with painting the ceiling a color, but just to push them over the edge here are some awesome spaces where that 5th wall is painted.
Michael Penney design via House and Home. Photo by Angus Fergusson
Melanie Turner Interiors
House Beautiful, photo by Trevor Tondro
Traditional Home
Veranda Magazine, design by Ruthie Sommers photo by Francesco Lagnese
Also, have you seen Dina's (from Honey & Fitz) amazing nursery ceiling that she painted AND added stars to- I'm obsessed I want to do this in my house like right now!
Dina, you rock!

I've posted about painted ceilings before too- check out that post HERE.


Belle on Heels said...

Aaaaah that starry ceiling is amazing!!! I would've done it with gold stars, but that's just me. I love the look of painted ceilings, it's just not something I ever really think about.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You've raised a smart girl, Lindsay's dad, she knows what she's talking about. Loose the wallpaper. :) And I LOVE the painted ceiling idea. I just painted my living room ceiling blue and I love it. Even the hubs approves. :)

Mrs. Garlic said...

who doesn't love a painted ceiling - especially blue, when there is so much history behind them?!


also. wallpaper is hard to pull of these days (there are some super cute adorable wallpapers out there, but eh, spruce it up a little). why not update it all? wouldn't want to have a shiny happy walled room and then sad paper!

Ashley said...

Dear Lindsay's dad,

Trust your daughter. She knows what's up. And when she's done, I'm sure she will let you take all of the credit for deciding to take down the wallpaper. Dad's are really smart like that! ;)


Unknown said...

I love a painted ceiling and even if it's just a shade different, it is the decorators touch! Wow, those stars are amazing. Have a great weekend,
xo Nancy

Emily said...

Ruthie Somers is an amazing designer...that home in Chicago featured in this month's Vernanda was sublime! I think your Dad should do what you and your Mom say...:)