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Being a renter has its advantages and certainly lots of disadvantages.  For someone who loves design, like myself, the whole not being able to make permanent changes is really annoying. On the other hand though, would I really want to spend lots of $$$ to make personal changes when I'm just going to leave in a year or two?   

In the meantime, the longer I live in my apartment the more I know for certain what is on my list of must haves for my own place.  Like with many apartment dwellers one of the items that tops the list is STORAGE.  Given that I see apartment/condo living for us in the future and extra bedrooms may not always be an option, storage is key!

Seriously,what I wouldn't give to have built in bookcases & cabinets next to my fireplace and in the office. 

Nuevo Estilo Magazine

Lonny Mag

Lonny Mag

Lindsay Coral Harper Designs

Ivy and Piper Magazine

Christina Murphy via House Beautiful

House Beautiful

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Elle Decor

Barrie Benson Designs

All that storage space for books and things in the cabinets- I don't know what I would do with myself.  I cant wait till I don't know what to do with myself!

Happy Friday everyone!!


StagerLinda said...

I love shelves--built-in, or not. You can find beautiful free standing bookcases on Craigslist for a BARGAIN! Lots of folks are downsizing and they had bookshelves before built-ins were standard.

Lindsay @ Hattan Home said...

hey lady, im a long time LEB follower and I definitely identify with your renter woes. I'm living in an apartment with some LINOLEUM floors and I'm all I can do not to spend a fortune on floor tiles- better yet- hardwoods!


Hannah said...

As a renter, I completely agree. Storage is KEY! Also a big closet for the master. Teehee.

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Karena said...

I own my condo, however their is virtually no storage space except for the bins lining the sides of my garage! Creativity is the key!

Art by Karena

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Let me tell you it will be endless fun. I change out my built ins at least ever other month. That's a good night of entertainment in my book.

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

i love ALL of these photos but that first picture is right up my alley!!!! love the colors and the color coordinated books in the cases!

Unknown said...

These storage solutions are so great. You can really get a thrifted piece and enhance it with color to zhuzh up your room with very little cost. Wishing you the best this year!
xo Nancy

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I really want built in bookcases for my living room. Your images are so perfect.