Weekend recap

I'm snowed in. 
Well actually today I got out, so I'm not technically snowed in anymore. But this is the view from the end of my driveway yesterday.

Yup, that's a wall of about 12 feet of snow.  Even the plow man said he could not tackle.  Needless to say I was a little stir crazy all weekend.

Here's another shot of the snow

And this was one of the short piles that I could actually get close to.
Being stuck inside for 3 days makes you do crazy things. Like bake for the first time in years and drink copious amounts of this pink bubbly stuff I had.
I'm so excited to be back in the real world today! 
Nemo, I loved you on Friday when I could work from home but today I want you to take your snow and go away. kthanksbyebye.


My Interior Life said...

Wow. I can't relate to the snow, but I've been going a little crazy with an orthopedic boot on my foot that slows me down and keeps me from getting out as much. So, I feel your pain - sort of. Glad you're getting out today. Cabin fever is the worst.

Unknown said...

yeah, it looks like fun, sort of, but I'd be over it by now, too. Looks like you weren't too terribly inconvenienced!Have a great week working on your kitchen!
xo Nancy

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

it's a crazy amount of snow.. I live in southie and the side roads are a mess!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

You guys got hit really hard. No school?

Calypso In The Country said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow! We only got 6 inches in NJ.

Ashley said...

Cookies and champagne--at least being snowed in was yummy. Oh, and I love this picture of you--you are SO a New England gal with your Red Sox hat and Bean boots!

Jessie said...

holy snow

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That's the way I like to deal with cabin fever too. Good plan :)

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Linds- Oh. My. Goodness! THAT is snowed in! Yikes! Welcome back to the real world and you deserve even more cookies!

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Unknown said...

Looks like a heavy snow fall, goodluck with home renovation and interior design.
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