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I've got a little crush on wall mounted sinks.  Specifically cast iron, trough style ones.  They obvi arent perfect for every bathroom but I'm totally loving the look of them right now.  They can be country, transitional, industrial, kid friendly, laundry room perfect, and so much more.
Country Living, photo by Bjorn Wallander

Scavullo Design, photo by Matthew Millman

Houzz, designer unknown

Russet and Empire Interiors

My favorite sink is the Kohler Brockway, and it's not cheap.  But just think about how long it would last, it IS cast iron after all.  Plus, it can be painted! I love that about this sink. 
Off to start saving my pennies. 


Kim said...

These sinks are FUN! and functional ... and you are right, the fact that they can be painted? Perfect!! Thanks for sharing!! xo

Kelsey | Southern in Love said...

Those look perfect in a kids bathroom! So cute! Love the ones with the colored bottoms.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

so i have a wall mounted sink that isnt as cool looking as this one BUT i do say, not having that cabinet storage underneath is tough!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I'm with you there! I've been dying for that sink as well, it would be such a good space saver in our tiny bathroom, but damn is it pricey!

Unknown said...

I honestly have never thought about one until your post! I love them oainted! How wonderful! Hope you do it!
xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

love these as well! maybe someday in my imaginary home I am "building".

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it, you really are a certified addict to wall mounted sinks! Actually, they look amazing and perfect in any bathroom setting. I certainly love the photos focusing on the sink. My, aren’t they too elegant for a sink? Enjoy the rest of the day! God Bless!

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I see old sinks like this at Scott's sometime .....now I'm hankering to use one!