Ever since I saw Stephanie's adorable closet nursery post I've been looking for a spot to do my own dots.  (PS if you haven't seen it, go check it out, it is beyond cute)
The stencil seemed easy enough, I mean who cant tape up a stencil and color in a few dots?  WRONG. 
Holy cow does it take time, and patience and did I mention time.  I thought my bathroom was the perfect place to add some pizazz with dots, after all I have been looking for a way to give that pink tile an update.  But after 2 full nights work, this is where I'm currently at
I thought I had a tiny apartment bathroom, UNTIL I look at it in measurements of 1" dots and 12' ceilings. Holy time consuming to say the least. 
Needless to say my weekend will be filled with stenciling and more stencling.  Good thing the weather man says its going to rain all weekend, I wont feel as bad staying indoors. 
In the meantime lets take a look at how I hope my walls might look when I'm finished
anyone know the original source to this one??
Wish me luck this weekend, I'm going to need it!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

It's going to be awesome and you are going to have rock hard upper arms. win-win. Let me know when I can bring wine over and we can sit in the floor and stare at how cute it turned out!

Unknown said...

Good luck, it's going to be DARLING!!! I love the look. Hope it goes quickly. Can't wait to see it!
xo Nancy

Ashley said...

Your hard work will definitely pay off and you'll be left with a lovely, whimsical bathroom. Hope the rest of the project is quicker than you think!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

It is going to be so worth it, I'm in love already! Have a few of those yummy margaritas and you'll be done in no time. :)

srldesign said...

But I can't wait to see it all finished, it will look awesome for sure! Happy painting ;-)

Unknown said...

Loved this.I am so overwhelmed by these polka dots.
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Vel Criste said...

I think it's worth the effort, I'm planning on getting the gold decal dots from land of nod for my kitchen - yes, kitchen. that is, if I can't get a hold of the wall paper I really want for the space! Love it so far, good luck!

Unknown said...

I must have missed the post that said how you were going about this. Is it a stencil pattern? I think this might make me cross eyed! Can't wait to see your results!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

This is beyond adorable! I LOVE it! Your bath is going to look amazing, Can't wait to see it. i'm rooting you on!

Stacey said...

I did something similar with decals from Urbanwalls in my baby's nursery. Love it! You can view the post on my blog.