Inspired by great

To me there is no question that Dorothy Draper was/is one of the greatest.  Some people may disagree solely based on the fact that they don't like her style.  I get that everyone is entitled to their opinion on style and hers takes a special person to appreciate that bold style.  But style aside, she paved the way for designers today and built an empire in a time where women and business didn't often go in the same sentence.  She took her passion and talent and turned it into company that is still around today. 

(These photos are all from The Greenbrier, while she did a lot more than just this hotel it is the one space of hers that is the most photographed and available in color)

I often refer to her work and love to read about her.  Her confidence inspires me.  Her ability to pair color, pattern, and a little bling is something I will always admire.  Last semester one quick homework assignment was to pick a designer that inspired me and write a quick bio, pick a color pallet and turn it into a modern day design (no budget, time schedule or specific clients needs to meet, this was solely inspiration based) Of course I picked Dorothy Draper and her eclectic style.

Here are the fabrics I pulled together

And here is the space I pulled together based on the inspired fabrics
Tell me, what inspires you?


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Amen sister! And I love your take on her style - the color of that couch with the blue and pink in the drapes - lovely. I'm a huge Miles Redd fan myself :)

Unknown said...

I admire her bold and fearless style, but then I love color and pattern. I am inspired by many of the leading lady design legends - like Rose Cumming, Elsie de Wolf and Dorothy Draper. Still fabulous!

Unknown said...

PS I love your board, too!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Palm Beach Chic...I would live there.

Unknown said...

Pretty much OBSESSED with the walls!


Anonymous said...

Love your Dorothy Draper scheme, Lindsay. It is spot on and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I am usually afraid of this much color but there is no doubt in the talent dorthy draper possessed. Always something new to find in her rooms and for that, I love it!


Love that you added the black and white! It adds that touch of modern to the room.