Mirror,Mirror on the wall

On my trip to Italy last Fall I developed a deep love for their craftsmanship.  The glass specifically.  I already blogged about the chandeliers that I still cant get off my mind, but I've also been jones'n for a Venetian mirror.  If I wasn't petrified of them breaking on the trip home I would have packed a few in my carry one bag.  Even thought I didn't come home with one on my last trip,  all the more reason to plan another trip to purchase one.  Right?

Elle Decor, photo by Laura Resen

Gianni Franchellucci

via High Gloss Mag

Design Manifest

House Beautiful, photo by John Kernick

Coleen McGill

Elle Decor, photo by Simon Upton

Country Living

Elle Decor, photo by William Waldron

House Beautiful design by Windsor Smith. Photo by Victoria Pearson

Elle Decor, photo by William Waldron

Looking for your own Venetian mirror without the plane ticket to Venice for one?  Your in luck, here are some of my favorites

one / two / three / four / five / six


Unknown said...

All of those mirrors are stunning! If I had a formal dining room (oh apartment living in Boston!) I would love to use one above a buffet :)

Vel Criste said...

I so agree,I dream of owning mine of my own someday. :-)

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

They are all about glamor! I'll take #4 please!

Carrie said...

I wouldn't mind a trip to Italy, nor would I mind if option #2 popped up on a wall at my house someday.

Kayla aka Kilo Bravo said...

Someone just posted a question on Apartment Therapy asking where to find similar mirrors! I totally directed them to this post. How timely :-) Also, I'm dying over that whole second picture. What a dramatic room.