Light it up!

Sorry for the radio silence going on here...Not doing it on purpose, promise.  I took an intensive Lighting class this Summer and I had my final project due last week and my final test yesterday.  Needless to say it took up some time and energy.  But its over and I get to enjoy my Summer now...well all 3 weeks of it till my next classes start in the Fall.  I'm already getting tired just writing about it.

But woah, I give all those lighting designers out there major props, it is NOT as easy as it looks folks.  Cut sheets, RCP's, electrical plans, schedules on top of making sure everything is all shipshape together is not an easy task. 

Anywoo, lighting in a space is important.  After all, without light how would we be able to see all the pretty colors and details going on?  Table lamps are an easy way to bring in light to a space.  With so many choices out there its impossible not to find at least a dozen to play with in your own home.  I find that table lamps are also an easy way to bring in a little sparkle, funk and color to a space.  They can be switched out on a dime, so why not have a few back ups in storage?
Nick Olsen via House Beautiful 

Rachel Reider

Amie Corley

Elle Decor

Baily's house from Peppermint Bliss

Ivy & Piper

Tobi Fairley

When it comes to your own home, I think people often have a hard time getting out of their comfort zone.  But, lamps are the perfect place to test the waters.  Here is a roundup of some fun lamps that would sure spice up any space.

1.  /  2.  /  3.  /  4.  /  5.  /  6.  /  7.  /  8.


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

LOVE #3!! Perhaps in a different color though. The geometric style of the lamp is gorgeous though.. I can think of a few places in my apartment I can put that :)

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Rebecca Corvese said...

I agree with you about the lighting course. I took one in Interior Design school as well, and it wasn't easy! In fact, most of the Design projects we did were pretty labor intensive (I think I STILL have foam core in my garage somewhere!)... Cute lamps and great pics!


p.s. Would you like to exchange blog links?

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

It all sounds impressive to me. I love your selections.