Colorful Tile

I've been seeing colorful tile designs more and more these days and I'm totally loving it!  I wouldn't say its a trend so much as its a lasting style that's been around for centuries.  Specifically I'm talking about Encaustic tiles (Or Cement, Moroccan, Spanish, Caribbean, Cuban, Victorian  or any tile of the sort).  Encaustic means that the pattern isn't just on the surface of the tile, it goes all the way through each individual tile.  It's a laborious process, which is reflected in the price tag for sure.  But even after hundreds of years of wear the tiles will still have the same design and pattern as they did from day 1.  You definitely get your money out of them if you keep them for a very long time.
The colors, patterns and designs are endless with these tiles.  I rounded up some of my favorite looks, take a look 
Elle Decor Photo by Simon Upton

Elle Decor Photo by Simon Upton

 Elle Decor Photo by Simon Upton
Elle Decor Photo by Simon Upton

Cle Tile

Cle Tile

El Mueble

Elle Decor design by Steven Gambrel, photo by Eric Pizsecki

Casa Josephine
Elle Decor, house of Nabil Nahas from the April 2011 issue

Nuevo Estilo

Nuevo Estilo

Original Mission Tile

Cement Tile Shop

While I really think the elloborate designs are beautiful I tend to be drawn to the more simple & geometric designs.  There are numerous websites that sell encaustic tile and I rounded up my very favorites.  Now I just need a client who loves them as much as I do so I can get to work installing them in a home! 
Top to bottom:  Villa Lagoon Tile, Mosaic House, Popham Design
Avente Tile, Villa Lagoon Tile, Mosaic House
Popham Design, Popham Design, Cle Tile
Cement Tile Shop, Mosaic House, Cement Tile Shop
The hexagon star tile from Popham Design is the front runner for me.  I just love it in the bedroom above and I would LOVE to use it in a house of my own! 
What do you think, any favorites?  Do you like this look?


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I love these tiles, they make a room so happy I think.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

These are all so beautiful. I love all the color.

Unknown said...

Great tile inspiration images and love the designs! My fave is the Popham Design Avente tile. Tile is such a big decision and so personal and so permanent! That's why people stay neutral, but these works of art make such a great statement!
Have a great week.
xo Nancy

Ashley said...

My favorite designs are definitely the moravian star and tumbling block. A floor like these would be a showstopper for sure.

Arpi Nalbandian said...

Thank you so much for mentioning us! We, of course, love cement tiles and the various design options they provide!