We have light!

It's no secret around here that the office in our apartment is the bane of my existence. That is until recently!  In the last few months there has been some major turn around on my husbands part and his willingness to keep the office clean.  He actually says he likes it when its clean now.  What a novel idea, right?

Anywho I finally had the chance to snap some pics of the new lamp from lamps.com that I got for his desk. 

I just love it.  Its all glass so it doesn't take up much space visually, and the red cord is just the right amount of jazz I like in a piece.  I secretly wish the metal finish on it was gold, but my husband loves it the way it is.

It was a super bright day and I was having issues with my camera. I snapped these before I could style it properly and then got kicked out so he could go on some conference calls. Once I get the desk in order I'll have to take proper photos.

The lamp was back ordered but it shipped fast once it was in stock and it was packaged perfectly with no wrinkles or dimples to the shade- which is key when shipping a lamp IMO.

Its only taken a few years, but this space is FINALLY coming together to a place I love. 
See my bookcase project HERE, which really spruced up the space!
*the lamp was provided to me by lamps.com, but all of these opinions are my own


Kim said...

Love the lamp and just jumped back to see your "secret office makeover" ... would you come here please?? Wonderfully done!! xo

My Interior Life said...

Looks great! I love a clean-lined simple lamp with a little "kick." Excellent choice!

Ashley said...

That red cord adds just enough fun to this lamp. And what's better than some much-needed light?

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I love it! I love how clean it looks and the pop of colour!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I love it! I love how clean it looks and the pop of colour!